UniDebt General Terms and Conditions

UniDebt is an international debt recovery platform.

By filling up a Form on uniDebt web-page, you submit the data of yourself (company or a private person) and the debtor (company or a private person) to uniDebt, which is transferred directly to a law firm in your selected jurisdiction.

After submitting the form, you will be contacted by law firm in your selected jurisdiction in less than 24 working hours.

UniDebt usage guide:

  1. Fill in the Form;
  2. Submit the Form;
  3. Receive answer from law firm representative at your selected jurisdiction;
  4. Discuss type of service, service provision conditions, costs etc.;
  5. Receive debt recovery services.
  • UniDebt reserves a right to contact you to inquire regarding the debt recovery process and the results.
  • UniDebt is a free platform for users, they only pay for legal services to the law firm directly.
  • Users are always welcome to contact uniDebt using the contact information on uniDebt web-site.
  • If you may have any inquiries regarding your personal data, please see section Privacy Policy on the bottom of uniDebt web-site.

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